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Plastic Stanchions

  • plastic stanchion
  • plastic stanchion
  • plastic stanchion
  • plastic stanchion
  • plastic stanchion
plastic stanchionplastic stanchionplastic stanchionplastic stanchionplastic stanchion

plastic stanchion

  • Material: HDPE
  • Weight:1kg
  • Height:98cm
  • Diameter of base:36cm
  • Product description: The whole height of our plastic stanchions is 98cm. It has a hollow base size of 36cm that can be filled with sand or water for added stability. The base can hold more than 5 kilogrames of water.

Our plastic stanchions, chains, and accessories including plastic chain clips, hooks, and connectors, work great for decorative purposes and crowd control.

Our stanchions when used with our chain designate safe walkways, create awareness for potential hazards, create safe work zones, and can restrict access.







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